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Effluent Water treatment plant

Supply of solids removal facility with Primary, secondary clarifiers, pressure sand filter and activated carbon filter for the existing ETP having capacity of 200 cum per day The units satisfying the complete separation of solids from the effluent.

What we did
Client's Feedback
  • Company needs a Package STP for 40 cubic meters per day capacity. The sewage is generated from toilets, washrooms and kitchen wash.

  • The package plant is supplied with screen chambers having SS screens in stages to block the suspensions coming to STP. The package plant is provided with collection tank, aeration tank (MBBR), Tube settler, intermediate tank, PSF and ACF, UV sterilizer, sludge drying beds and sludge decanter. The automation is provided to pumps, blowers, etc. The treated sewage shall be measured with flow meters and made available for disposal to gardening.

  • The plant fabrication and erection commissioning is good. It is good to have a operator friendly package STP in area constraints.