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Effluent treatment Plant

Supply of 400 cum per day capacity effluent Treatment plant (ETP) to meet the standards of disposal to the sugarcane fields. The plant is designed, erected and commissioned giving the results with minimum energy consumption.

What we did
Client's Feedback
  • Effluent coming from milk and its bi-products processing. Company needs a ETP 400 cubic meter per day capacity.

  • Effluent is generated from milk and bi-products processing contain lot of fats and oil, solids, etc. It was proposed to have first oil and grease separation unit then equalization tank followed by primary clarifier, aeration tank, and secondary clarifier, PSF and ACF and Sludge drying beds. The treated effluent is utilized for irrigation on owned sugar cane fields.

  • The design of the plant is good to save energy input to the plant. Also it is good that the plant can be operated by single operator, saves manpower.